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The ASPEN USB drivers are installed from the ASPEN installation disk that comes with each device running the ASPEN device installer. Usually, this is done before connecting the ASPEN device to the PC for the first time, but it can still be done if necessary. Only need to do a driver installation once. If the ASPEN device is connected to a PC without the pre-installation of drivers from the ASPEN installation disk, then in the case of Windows XP and Vista operating systems, manual installation using the hardware found wizard is possible.

In the case of Windows 7, there is no new hardware found wizard, so manual installation is slightly more intrusive. In none of these cases is this really necessary – just cancel the new hardware foundation wizard (if open) and run the ASPEN device installer from the installation disk.

Few Step Of ASPEN Device Installer

Step 1
Place the ASPEN installation disk in the CD-ROM drive. If “AutoRun” is enabled on this drive, then the ASPEN installation disk utility will open.

ASPEN USB driver

Note: If AutoRun is not enabled then use Start> Run to run “autorun.exe” on the drive with the ASPEN installation disk. For example, if the CD-ROM drive is E: Run “E: or autorun.exe” to open the ASPEN installation disk utility.

Click Install ASPEN Software / USB Driver to proceed.

ASPEN USB driver

For different types of Windows PCs, two versions of the USB driver installer are provided.

32-bit Windows, click on Install USB Driver (32-bit)
64-bit Windows, click on Install USB Driver (64-bit)
Step 2
Click Next.

ASPEN USB driver

Click Next to proceed.

Step 3
Click on next.

ASPEN USB driver

Accept, then click Next.

Step 4:- Start file transfering,

ASPEN USB driver

Drivers are installed from CD.

ASPEN USB driver

When the installation is complete, the driver’s name and status are displayed. Click Finish to close the device installer. You can now connect any ASPEN device to a PC and the drivers will automatically load.

Manual installation
When an ASPEN device is connected to a PC for the first time, Windows will detect it. In the case of Windows XP and Vista, Windows New Hardware Wizard opens automatically if the ASPEN USB driver is not already installed by the ASPEN device installer. To proceed, an ASPEN installation disk will be required. Follow the appropriate link below:

USB Driver Manual Installation Guide (Windows XP)
USB Driver Manual Installation Guide (Windows Vista)
Manual USB driver installation on the Windows 7 operating system is a bit different … Follow the link below:

USB Driver Manual Installation Guide (Windows 7)

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