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Download Updated PC suite free Here For Windows. Download Updated PC suite free Here. Launches an official PC suite for BlackBerry phones containing BlackBerry. The PC Suite will allow you to deal with your phone in the aspect of your PC. It also helps to keep important drivers in sync with your phone via PC.

PC Suite Download

That you would probably only download the PC Suite from BlackBerry’s official Web acquisition. Download.

Download the file and move it to a folder.

Double-click to open Set Window. Follow the instructions to put it in.
When installing, the utility will mechanically install all of your drivers.

Connecting the PC Suite to the PC.

It is possible that you may contact your BlackBerry phone using USB or Bluetooth. Connecting using USB is easy and flash-like.

Connecting the BlackBerry PC Suite to USB

Before connecting to your phone, we would like to charge you a COM port. The amount of COM port you use to keep the modem drivers for the BlackBerry phone (for example COM 3). For this fairly accurate click on My My Laptop and click on tackle. Now click on the monitor corner for mapping and click on COM Port & LPT Alternatives. Your phone will likely be listed along with the COM port and will represent this amount.

  • Connect your phone using USB now.
  • Open the BlackBerry Map Supervisor.
  • Click on Connection Settings and steal the USB PIN. Because the COM port on which we have the drivers installed. Click Connect. Your phone will probably be mechanically linked.

Connecting the BlackBerry PC Suite to Bluetooth

Connecting the BlackBerry PC Suite to Bluetooth is slow. Even if your phone is not diagnosed using USB, it is still valuable.

  • Bluetooth is turned on for your computer. Now add ‘BlackBerry Phone Map’ using the Add a device possibility.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the phone. Enable it without searching.
  • Launch Bluetooth on PC. Click on Ad Tools. Home windows will appear for interesting devices and reveal your map. Steel and add it.
  • Now launch BlackBerry Desktop Supervisor. Click on Devices and steal desktop replacements.
  • In the case of Desktop, click on the Bluetooth tab.
  • Take a look at the box end to allow a Bluetooth connection and perform a connection mechanically.
  • Click to deal with your Bluetooth connection to deal with your contacts.

Works of BlackBerry PC Suite

BlackBerry Desktop Supervisors include more than just a few aspects of fancy file supervisors, organizers, and more. Here are some essential aspects of the BlackBerry Suite:

  • Qualifications: – Helps add and delete your BlackBerry phone targets.
  • WiFi Tune Synchronization – This is a goal for lyrics lovers. It syncs your phone with the lyrics stored in your laptop’s home windows media partner.
  • Taking advantage of and retrieving files – this helps create files. All support files will probably still be restored.
  • Set Up Certificate: – If your phone is mounted on a BlackBerry project server then it is invaluable. You will then probably have the certificate stored on your PC installed on the phone.
  • File Supervisor: – Transfer files between phone and PC.

Note:- If you are facing a project to connect the BlackBerry Suite to PC, submit it here as a comment.

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BlackBerry PC Suite Free Download

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