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EFT Dongle (Crack) v2.7 Setup Free Download

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EFT Dongle Crack Setup: is a flashing box which have the support for all kind of smartphones and featured phones. Here you can get all the features to make changes on any phone. The EFT Dongle have all the support for Samsung mobile phones. You can flash your Samsung phone, Change IMEI, clear FRP and remove reactivation locks from all kind of Android based Samsung mobile phones. The EFT Dongle is developed by the Easy Firmware team.

The EFT Dongle help the users to automatically change its language to the default language on every Android smartphone. The flashers can easily translate the system.img file to the PC. Install the APK files directly from the PC to your Phones using the APKtool. By using this box you can easily install the Gapps. You can easily read or write the basic information of a phone like its model, Imei, Software version and its model.


Support for Samsung 

  • Flash Samsung phones using the Tar file and also extract Img files.
  • If your phones WI-FI does not works so easily fix all the Wifi errors.
  • Remove the Secure storage from any Samsung device.
  • Easily add any language to the Samsung keyboard. 
  • Help us to remove the Tmobile boot logo from the phones.
  • Enable all the hidden languages.
  • If your phone does not support the LTE connection so you can easily add LTE to your phone.
  • Repair all the USSD codes.
  • Fix Stuck on logo by flash.
  • Flash factory firmware.
  • Remove Screen lock without data lose only on those time when your phones FRP is deactivated.
  • Unlock network for all SPD and Exynos based phones.
  • Patch IMEI certificates and easily change your phone IMEI.
  • If your phones IMEI was changed so you can easily restore it to default.
  • Read or write EFS.
  • Read or write Cert.
  • Reset EFS.
  • Make Kernel to enable ADB.
  • Make Kernel to bypass dm-verity..
  • Make kernel to Backup data to Ext. SdCard
  • Make Rooted ADB Recovery.
  • Make Recovery to remove ScreenLock on Encrypted data.
  • Unlock bootloader on ADB.
  • Enable DIAG mode.
  • Unbrick Qualcomm based devices (not all).
  • Extract LZ4 compressed files..
  • Reboot to download mode.
  • Factory Reset.
Support for MTK
  • Flash all over MTK based devices using the Scatter File.
  • Read the basic information of any MTK device.
  • Reset FRP using different methods.
  • Read or remove the pattern lock from all Android phones which are based on MTK based Chipset.
  • Factory reset it will erase all the users data and cache on your phone.
  • Advance partition format.
  • Read whole firmware of any MTK Device.
  • Change or repair IMEI.
  • Screen lock reset using 5 method.
  • Make root of any device using boot.img.
  • Dump boot.img.
  • Flash Boot.eft.
  • Flash boot.img/userdata.
  • Flash or dump NVrom data.
These are some of the Features of EFT Dongle Crack Setup. To download the latest setup of EFT Dongle the download link is present on the last of this page.

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