High-Quality Voice Recorder (Audacity) V2.2.1 Free Download For PC

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Now Start High-Quality Voice Recorder (Audacity) V2.2.1 Free Download For PC. Today we are here and we have a nice and amazing High-Quality Voice Recorder For PC.

You can download this freeware software for your Windows PC. The Audacity is one of the best and amazing free audio recorder and editor. This is the latest version which we share on our site.

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This application is provided free for the users who need a High-Quality Voice Recorder software for their PCs. The Voice recorder is one of the best ways to record any voice clip on the PC.


Audacity is the best software for those who love to record any audio clips or edit any kind of audio formats. You can easily edit any mp3 version on your pc easily using Audacity.

This is open-source software that is used by thousands of users around the world. Audacity is able to record different kinds of voice records using your computer’s microphones and convert them into high-quality songs and CDs. 

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With this High-Quality Voice recorder, you can use many tools for editing any mp3 format songs. You can cut, copy, splice, or mix many songs together. This is not so easy to change the pitch of any song but the Audacity makes this so easier.

Because it has many tools like undo and redo history and it makes it extremely easy to correct the mistakes. You can record a large size of files such as you can record a recording of over 1 hour or bigger.

Among a portion of the impacts, Audacity can apply to your sound documents:

you can evacuate static and murmur commotions, modify the frequencies and apply balance. The alteration instruments can change the volumes with the compressor, intensify, and Normalize impacts.

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In other hands, you may also use many tools and effects which are built in with Audacity the developers have to share the open source plug-ins which are avail on the internet and you can download them using simple setups. And at last, you can save your recorded files or edited files in high qualities such as 64k, 128k and in 256k.

Audacity High-Quality Voice Recorder Features:

  • Record files and save them on your PC storage.
  • Use microphone for recording your clip.
  • Multi-input and output devices are included with the toolbar.
  • A timer can show the time during the recording.
  • Dub over existing track.
  • Record high-quality tracks.
  • Record multiple sounds at once.
  • Easily edit any kind of mp3 format file.
  • Cut, copy and edit any of the sound clip.
  • Mix two tracks into one file.
  • Create a track using the toolbar.
  • Easily change the pitch of any song.

Download High-Quality Voice Recorder For PC from the given download link below just click on the given download link and the download will start automatically. This is a free application for Windows operating systems.

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